iLok License Manager

Drag & Drop your licenses

iLok License Manager is a new application for Mac and PC that allows you to more easily manage your licenses. Find out more with the links below.

Download iLok License Manager Manual

Download iLok License Manager Quick Start Guide

What's New?

What's New?

The new iLok License Manager application replaces the license and iLok management portion of the website.

Old vs. New Old vs. New

    Desktop App for Mac & Windows

  • Drag & Drop Licenses
  • Organize your iLoks
  • New Theft or Loss Coverage (with ZDT)
  • Transfer Licenses
Old vs. New Old vs. New

    New Website

  • Download the iLok License Manager
  • Manage your account (contact details, ZDT subscription, order history)
  • Get Support
  • Place an RMA
  • Purchase iLoks & ZDT

While you will still need to have an internet connection available, you no longer need to use an internet browser like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer to manage your licenses.

Once you install the iLok License Manager, you'll be able to drag licenses from your account to your iLok and back again.

The website will still host the iLok Store and support resources for your convenience.

Your Account View

Your Account View

Click on the User icon at the top left of your screen then choose All Licenses, Available, All Activations, or Unavailable.

Account View

In the world of the iLok License Manager, a license is the asset that you have purchased or have aquired in your account. You will activate it to a location. A location is a place where you can hold an activation such as your iLok or machine.

The Account View shows you your licenses and it is customizable.

You can right-click on the table header to choose which columns are shown. You can dynamically sort the list of licenses by clicking on a column header and even drag the columns to rearrange them.

The tabs accross the top show you these views of your account:

  • All Licenses - Shows all of the licenses in your account, both activated and not activated.
  • Available - Shows the licenses eligible for activation to a location
    Similar to the Licenses Available in the old
  • All Activations - Shows only your activated licenses (the ones on locations)
    This view is the most similar to the My Licenses view in the old
  • Unavailable shows licenses have expired or been transferred to another account
  • You can download the data for offline use in many different programs - perfect for tracking your licenses in accounts large or small.


Managing Licenses

Just drag and drop. It's that easy.

Managing Licenses

Managing licenses just got easier. Need to move a license to your iLok, or from your iLok back to your account? Just drag and drop. It's that easy. Licenses in bold type are ones you haven't looked at before, so new entries in your account are easy to see.

License Details

License Details

Each license has a detail pane which gives you important information about the license and the software publisher.

See the details of a license.

If the detail pane is hidden, click the "Show Details" button. You may also start Activate, Deactivate and License Transfer operations from the detail pane.

Groups & Bundles

Locked & Unlocked Groups

Locked groups stay together, unlocked groups can be split across several locations.

Unlocked Groups

Some of your licenses may be grouped together. Software publishers can deposit licenses in two types of groups: locked and unlocked.

  • Locked groups (previously called Bundles) always stay together and must move as a single unit.
  • Licenses in unlocked groups can be split up - some group members can be on an iLok while others from the same unlocked group are still in your account or on a different iLok.
Locked Groups

When you drag a member from a group, you will see just one license move if it is from an unlocked group, or all members of the group move if it is a license from a locked group.


Working with iLoks

Easy to manage


Your registered iLoks will appear in the Locations list on the left of your screen.

You'll also see something new - your machine! The list includes offline iLoks registered to your account and all currently plugged in iLoks. Black icons indicate a plugged in location, gray icons indicate offline. You will be able to see what is on the offline iLoks, making it easier for you to manage your license inventory.

License Details


Optional ZDT coverage allows you to keep using your licenses in the event of an iLok failure.

Zero Downtime™

Temporary replacement licenses keep you going while your go through the RMA License Recovery and Replacement process.

  • Temporary licenses are immediately deposited to your iLok account when an RMA order is placed.
  • Download the temporary licenses to a spare iLok to maintain continuous access to your iLok-enabled software.
  • NEW! Adding Theft & Loss Coverage (TLC) to your iLok allows us to replace licenses on an iLok that is Lost or Stolen.
  • TLC is included with ZDT but must be added to the iLok in iLok License Manager and a Refresh operation is required every 90 days.

More about ZDT here...

License Details

Transferring Licenses

Transfer licenses directly to another user.

Transferring Licenses

When transferring a license, you will be asked to confirm your account information by signing in again. This protects you if you leave your account signed in where others can access your computer. During a transfer you are asked to enter the User ID that you are transferring the licenses to; be careful when entering the destination User ID as transfers cannot be reversed.

Publishers decide if they will allow transfers of their licenses. Some publishers allow transfers, but will want to approve the transaction. You can look at the license detail to see if a license can be transfered.